get apple id or email


Ok, so Apple have said that for utility apps like music creation apps they dont allow you to ask users to sign up with you using email (they said it has to be optional0

ok fine...

seems akward like almost all apps have requirement for registering an account..

but anyway...

is there a way for me to get any iOS logged in user specific details (without them registering an account with my app)

for example can i programmatically get the Apple ID so i can associate certain files on my server or database with their Apple account

Ok ive now seen that Apple say getting apple id email is a privacy issue.. that figures, ok so how the hell do you identify an iOS user across different iOS devices (without asking them to create an account with you)
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You'll presumably be best off attempting to get the identifierForVendor UUID. If you don't know how, perhaps a Marketplace extension exist that incorporates the functionality. Trying to get the actual Apple ID would probably be against the rules developing for iOS.


You could maybe use the Facebook extension to recognize who people are?

Most mobile games I've played require some form of login, either via the company, Google/Apple or Facebook. Zynga games for example, present you with an option when you boot to use your Google Games account, sign up with an email directly with them, or login using your Facebook account that's on your phone.

GMS2 has a Facebook extension that apparently comes with a manual detailing how to use it. Not something I've ever looked into, but maybe you can get a unique ID or account number from Facebook.