Windows Get access to multiple text files at once


Hey guys!

So, I was fiddling with the file_text_* functions a bit. I hadn't really used them at all up until now. So, I'm wondering, am I missing something or is there no way to ask the user for read/write permission on multiple text files or a whole folder (and it's subfolders) in one go? Do I really have to do get_open_filename() or get_save_filename() for every single file?

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That is true OUTSIDE of the sandbox. I'm not entirely sure there really is any way around that, it could be possible to use a DLL for windows but I haven't personally read or dealt with that. It is, however, possible to do it in the sandboxed working_directory, but since you're using get_open_filename I assume you're trying to extend that reach.

This is absolute answer in terms of Game Maker itself:

Saving And Loading Outside The Sandbox
On the Windows platform there is one way to save and load files from outside of the sandbox and that is using the functions get_open_filename and get_save_filename. Both of these functions will require that the user select an area for loading and saving and the return string can then be used in the rest of the file functions to bypass the sandbox.


Thanks for the quick replies, guys!:D

Yes, I guess I should have mentioned that I mean outside of the sandbox.
I'm giving GMFileSystem a go right now, thanks for the suggestion!