HTML5 GeoTurret - A top-down space arcade game



I am new to GMS2 so this will be my first post and my first game with this great GameMaker engine.

I want to present you my current work-in-progress game "GeoTurret", a top-down space arcade game.
Main directive of this game is to survive as long as possible by shooting all the geometric objects that come near your turret in the center of the screen.
Due to the fact, that it is my first GMS game, I have a long way to guy, but it'd be great to get some feedback during this trip.

Due to the fact, that it is the easiest way to distribute the wip versions, it is available only via htlm5 at the moment on my itch page.
Feel free to test it and give some feedback if you like to. It's version 0.3.0, so it's a long way to go :)

Here you find the game on


Thanks for your support