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    Dec 6, 2017
    For a while now the stability of our web resources like the Marketplace, the website, account creation and logging-in haven’t been performing as well as we would like them. Since April, these systems have been under significant strain during a prolonged DDOS attack, which although now entirely mitigated, continues to take place. Over this time, we have updated and changed many of our systems, particularly our website and Marketplace.

    Over the coming months, until the end of the year, we plan to complete this work, which will include upgrading, replacing and re-configuring remaining legacy systems to provide a much more stable platform across all services, and so from time-to-time there will be outages; some very minor, some more noticeable, some intended, some less so. We’ll continue to let you know in advance of significant planned outages, minor planned ones will be notified on our website. If you are affected, please be patient with us, and take it as a sign of future improvement!
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