Gauging Platform Engine Asset Interest



I've developed a platform engine. It uses tilemaps for collision speed (can push three thousand checks per step and stay above 120fps), pixel perfect collision checking, jumpthrough platforms, pixel perfect slopes with acceleration/deceleration, and autotiling through the same tilemap.

My questions:
1) Would there be interest in this as a marketplace asset?
2) What other features would you like to see?
3) What other platform engines are popular right now? (So I can compare accuracy, performance, etc)

Thanks for your time :)



Definitely could be interesting. The thing for me is how usable and modable it is for the end user. I can set it up relatively well and change a few things (create different types of AI that utilize the basic physics etc) easily that is great. Hopefully it all well commented and easy for the end user to follow and understand when making changes to the system.

- Definitely would have interest on the marketplace
- modable enough for users to create their own new features without breaking the existing system.
- Not sure, but I always remember this really good Mario based engine that gets used a lot, seems hard to do much but palette/sprite swaps on though.

(Probably not super helpful feedback, but congrats on the engine regardless!)


Thanks for the info! So far everything is very easy to mod, uses the GM room editor intuitively to build tilemaps, and everything collision wise is based on user defined collision boxes. Easy to set bounding boxes with numbers, and easy to debug for pixel-perfectness with the bbox debug draw function that is built in. It also supports bbox shapes with bowed sides so slopes can look better for your graphics. I'll definitely add some simple mario enemy AIs that utilize the state based physics (simply set "left" or "jump" when you want them to do so. I may add a simple "follow" A* AI that will get the user started on more complicated AI behaviour.