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UWP Games for Xbox One using the UWP from GameMaker: Studio 1.4 possible?

I was gonna buy/I might buy the GMS2 UWP export module to make games playable on Xbox One, but I realized have the UWP export module for GMS1. My Xbox is in another city (long story) so I can't easily test this right now.

Does the UWP from GMS1 work for Xbox One ?


GMS 1.4.9999
(Can't add in the link to the 1.4.9999 release note because it says it's spam)
> Added support for basic Xbox Live sign-in handling
I think that means it will work?
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Apparently the answer is no, I emailed YoYoGames and got this answer:

> Hello,
> Unfortunately, GameMaker: Studio (1.4) does not fully support exporting to XBox on UWP.
> In order to export to XBox with UWP, you would need to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 UWP.
> I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes to you.