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A UI layout designer is exactly what I want.

Top 3 things for me that I want from GM:

1. More bug free HTML5

2. UI Layout Designer, or built in live coding but I would prefer the layout designer.

3. IDE Workflow, but this is being worked on from what the roadmap tells us so that's great!


@rmanthorp please consider to include audio scrubbing in sequences timeline. It is a true timesaver for audio synchronization with sequences' animations. I have already suggested it, while GMS2.3 was on beta, but it seems to be neglected...


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This. A million billion times this. Not just for "variables" window, but for everything in the IDE.
It's not as bad in a main workspace, since you can still do most operations (e.g. type code) even when zoomed out far enough that the entire thing fits on screen. What gets my blood boiling is how specifically the room editor --> instance --> child windows causes a zoom to 100% + a scroll to center the child window (i.e. almost an entire screen to the right) every time. Really annoying if you use the variables in any big capacity since you need to scroll back every time in order to even get them back into view.

(Side note, apparently the "press C to highlight instances with creation code" thing is gone? I could've sworn it was a GMS2 addition but maybe it was GMS1 after all... Having that + also making it highlight instances with changed variables would be awesome to quickly tell if you missed something when bulk-customizing lots of things in a large room, especially considering how disorienting the forced scrolls/zooms are in the GMS2 room editor :V)

UI Layout Designer
The room editor kinda works for this (at least, that's how I've done most of my visual menus), though it kinda limits what you can do since you need to change rooms to a menu (that gives me an idea: "room_import_layer(sourceRoom,layerIDorName,newdepth)" (copies the contents of another room's layer into this room at the given depth - uses the "base state" of the room so it will ignore changes to persistent rooms, or the current state of the current room if that is used as the source room) functions would be awesome for templating, probably more useful than room parenting for advanced cases: build a GUI in a room and then spawn it, or build a multi-part boss and spawn it, or a roguelike room... etc etc... then again, sequences kinda also can be used for this, but I've noticed objects in a sequence don't get added to the normal list of objects, so things like with loops won't find them!)