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Discussion GameMaker Studio Pricing Tiers

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So, I was looking at upgrading to GameMaker Studio 2 and I found the upgrade pricing page. I currently have Studio Professional, Android Export, HTML5 Export, iOS Export, and Windows UWP.

Am I correct in assuming that in order to get back to that level I'll need to buy Desktop, Web, UWP, and Mobile? Even with a discount that's $629.96. If that's the case it sucks for me and I'll probably just upgrade to Desktop for now, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a 'If you buy Mobile you get everything before it on the list as well' type of thing.

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This has been answered countless times.

Yes, GameMaker Studio 2.0 is a new product, and if you want the new versions of the exports, then you'll need to buy them. GMS2 is not compatible with the old exports. If you own the 1.x versions you currently get a 40% discount, or 50% of you own master collection. At some point this discount will end, and you will lose your discount - we will announce when this is going to happen however so make sure you keen an eye on our news pages, and social media.
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