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OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.3.0 Release


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Anyone else having problem with objects not rendering in Rooms at all when you test play them with Run (F5) ?
It's latest version of GM and it worked for couple of days, but then just stopped rendering objects, tiles or any kind of graphics other then text on screen.
I have older GMS too and can go for previous release I guess, but just confused has anyone else experienced this and is it a glitch on my side or?
There's two common reasons this could happen:
  • The texture cache got corrupted because of format differences, just clear the cache and rebuild the game and it should work again. (If vector stuff like draw_rectangle still works you've basically confirmed this is the root cause)
  • Assets on depths outside the range -16000 / 16000 are not drawn unless a certain thing (which slows down depth processing) is turned on. (I think the reason for this is that depths are S16s by default now, but the compatibility mode changes data type to whatever it was before - potentially 64-bit floats. But all that's just guesses, I don't actually know). Also, if you manually set depths in your room such that the depths are not ordered properly (e.g. a layer of depth 500 comes before a layer of depth 300 in the list) it has undefined results.
My money's on cache corruption, but it's worth checking your depths anyway just to be sure.


I thought that cache saves info about ide/runtime in which it was built to clear it automatically...


Now compiling for Fire we need to use regular Android export because on 2.3 amazon fire export is gone. I think I need to use configurations to assign specific extension for example Amazon_IAP to be copied when using a custom fire configuration. But I don't see any way to do this on the Extensions IDE... anyone know how? I need to manually check Amazon fire extencions, and uncheck Android ones , each time i wanna compile for fire or android?


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This is fantastic. Now that Iā€™m basically done with college, I may have to come back to where it all started 13 years ago


im very happy to use this program. It was confusing at first when switching to this new version because of the whole change of function calls but I finally got used to it. ^^