GMS 2 GameMaker Studio 2: Tutorial



GM Version: Studio
Target Platform: Windows / all
Download: see video below
Gamejolt (Files are here):
Font I used:

GameMaker 2 is a great engine, but as of yet there are not enough tutorials! That's why i've started my own tutorial series, if you are a beginner or need a refresher on the gamemaker engines... this is perfect for you! The big dogs Heartbeast and Shaun Spalding just don't upload enough, so I plan to make new videos and respond to every comment or question that I can! Post them here, in the youtube video or email me:

Tutorial Overview

Here we overview GameMaker Studio: 2 and learn some basic things on it. If this video is too slow for you, skip ahead or speed the video up. If this is too fast leave a comment or re-watch confusing parts.

This video is meant for beginners but anyone can watch the series that so desires. This is a simple Text-Based Game that will teach the fundamentals of programming and GML.

Gamejolt (Files are here):
Font I used:

Video Recap
-Overviewed GMS: 2
-Imported a font
-Created basic text using a ds_map

This is the series playlist:
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