OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 - News letter #5!


very cool, glad to see Mac users getting on, I know that opens up your userbase (and sales) quite a bit!

Gestures are nice, though it will be some time before I start doing anything for mobile.

Translations will also open up your userbase, very cool to get more people in.

The Image editor filters are nice, though Im more interested in functionality and usability, its 'pretty', but rather hard to use, things arent clear, options are up top (and move based on dpi settings), there are some tools it could use, like rounded rectangle for buttons... a nice bevel filter would be good if that is what you are working on though, still, its nice to see some new stuff making it in.

Thanks for the tip on scaling down the resource tree, that's pretty handy!

I look forward to the next update.


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Trim and Erase a colour have already been implemented, and will be out in the next release.
Thanks for the update, Mike. Glad to see the automatic Trim option coming back (hopefully as it existed in 1.4). That was really helpful -- and much more accurate than doing it manually.

The "hidden secrets" section was good too. I knew these features existed... just never bothered experimenting with them. So I've been experimenting a bit.


Just to echo the comment on "hidden" features... thanks for including that piece.
Hopefully we'll see more similar articles in future news letters.
It could also be interesting to read about any little shortcuts & alternative ways of using features that might not be immediately obvious.

How about a "ticks & tricks" section? Perhaps collect that kind of knowledge from YYG staff / long-time users, and/or take submissions from the community? You could feature one piece in each newsletter, but they also let them build up over time into a separate (searchable?) section on the site. Might make a nice companion to the docs.

Along those lines, are there any future plans for more of those fantastic tech blog articles?


I second this. The tech blog articles were always a great read!


"Finally and to much fanfare, the hugely anticipated Mac version of GameMaker Studio 2 is now going out to a select group of testers to help us get a solid version of this amazing piece of software, ready for the public at large."
how to become a tester?


Very glad to see the beta starting. Slightly disappointing that I didn't get in. Hopefully they will open it up to more users in the not too distant future.