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OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 Forum Rules

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Unlike other forums on the GMC this forum has some very strict rules and we'd appreciate it if they were followed to the letter, at least until the Open Beta period ends. Any post that the staff deem inappropriate to this forum may be moved to another forum, closed, or simply removed all together, so please keep this in mind when posting.

Other than that the following rules apply:

  • If you have a definite, reproducible bug then DO NOT POST HERE. The YYG devs will NOT be responding to bug reports on this forum and you should go through official channels, supplying ui.log files, YYZ projects, screenshots and anything else that may be helpful in resolving the issue: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us#bug You can also go to the Help > File A Bug in the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE.

  • If you think you may have a bug but aren't sure then you can post here to discuss it with other members before filing a bug report officially with YYG using the link given above.

  • As mentioned above, the YYG staff will not be replying to technical issues on this forum so if you have licence issues, installation issues, or anything else that only YYG can resolve, please go here: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us#bug

  • All topics require a prefix and you should use the topic Tags to further define what you are posting about.

  • You can post topics to discuss any area of the IDE and ask for help or suggestions from other members on how to get the most from the product.

  • You can post feedback topics to give your initial impressions and talk about how the product is being used by you and your team as well as nay cool things you've discovered and want to share with the community.

  • If you have a programming issue then it should be posted in the regular programming forum (and prefixed GMS2 and/or tagged as GMS2).

That's about it! GameMaker Studio 2 is an exciting leap forward in the GameMaker product line and we hope that you enjoy using it and discussing its many features on these forums!

PS: Note that the general Community Guidelines apply here too.
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