OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Tier - Available Now!


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GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Tier - Available Now!

Introducing the new, low-cost subscription tier for GameMaker Studio 2 - Creator!
We are continuing to lower the barrier of entry for new developers and can't wait to see more amazing GameMaker games appear on Desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Creator is available from $4.99USD per month (or $49.99USD per year).

We're lowering our affordable regional pricing for all tiers and introducing more payment options for subscriptions. We will soon have the ability to buy one-time non-recurring year-long codes through PayPal, WePay and others.
Perpetual licence owners will be able to redeem their free subscription months without the need to enter payment details (this option does not remove any perpetual licences).

Export your games to Opera GX with our free export option to showcase your game to millions of gamers. GXC has already seen massive success with over 600,000 total plays across all games and the completion of the first Challenge of the Week with over 25,000 scores registered.
Best of all, there are cash prizes to be won for the best new games uploaded to GXC. So what are you waiting for?



While I was already satisfied with first phase of subscription changes, I'm happy to see even better changes, as now even more people should be satified (especially that they can try subscription without providing payment details), and since my regional price for Creator is now cheaper than Big Mac, it should be in reach even for middle school students, which gave more educational opportunities.

Edit: it's also cheaper than 2 litres of fuel, chicken breast, big Milka chocolate, pack of cigarettes, two Red Bulls or 4-pack of beer - affordable for everyone :p
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my regional price for Creator is now cheaper than Big Mac
Now we just need a working Microwave export and GM will have a higher nutritional value than a Big Mac too. Another competitor out of the game... :)

I'm happy about this change. This should make GM a lot more accessible especially to hobbyists that may have had a hard time justifying the cost of the Indie subscription. Pretty much a successor of the Creator license, and it actually has a higher value than the original one because - if I recall correctly - that was locked to a single development and export platform.


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Now we just need a working Microwave export and GM will have a higher nutritional value than a Big Mac too. Another competitor out of the game... :)
Ah, that's what they need the new runtime for! While we're at that, will it have a built-in support for HTCPCP?

Anyway, good to know there'll be even more affordable subscription option for desktop exports. Enabling other payment platforms should help quite a few people as well (especially those who don't have payment cards for one reason or another).


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Very cool moves / news.
You guys really are listening.
PayPal thing rocks!
Really digging everything I've seen so far under Opera!
This is great news. Probably could have avoided a lot of the backlash if this tier had existed from the beginning but better late than never


Is there any plan to sovle the google reCAPTCHA issue of CN for registering up and logging in

For this issue, we cannt use GX version normally.


Will Education versions also get price adjustments and regional adjustments (especially monthly price, cause yearly seems to be not that bad)? In some currencies, monthly version of education license is more expensive than Indie subscription (in USD they are equal, but "Educator" offers same exports as Creator tier, not as Indie...).
For example, Creator is now 12 PLN per month, Indie is 36 PLN and Educator is... 42 PLN.
I know that education licenses always got little different model of pricing (yearly licenses were 4-5x cheaper than monthly), so it's hard to compare them with normal ones, but it seems that prices were not updated since around 2019, so some adjustments/clarifications would be welcome.
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