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GameMaker Studio 1 closes instantly upon startup.


Hello! I've been using GameMaker Studio 1 for many years now with no real issues. Just about a month ago I was using it like normal, no issues. I'd get a variety of pop-up errors like the one I'm seeing now, but I could always just close the message and carry on. Now, however, it closes as soon as the error box closes. I can't even load projects directly, as the program just crashes as soon as it launches. For reference, here's the error message I'm getting:


What can I do to get back to using it?


Are you on GMS 1.4.9999? That version removes the dependency on online resources that have been taken down since GMS 1's sunset.


Phew! I encountered the same issue just now and had a major panic until reading this. Was convinced I'd moved to the final version ages ago, but apparently not!

All sorted now.