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GameMaker Studio 1.4 Not letting me in (login not working)

Red Phantom

Please Help! I shouldn't need a licence key to run gamemaker 1.4 free version?

So I was originally using gamemaker studio 8 lite.

Now I've chosen to upgrade to the free version of gamemaker studio 1.4 (.1763) to remove the "gamemaker" water mark when creating an executable for your game. Does gamemaker studio 1.4 FREE actually remove this watermark?

I got 3 errors: 2 when loading gamemaker 1.4 and 1 final error when trying to login to gamemaker studio 1.4. Please see Images of Errors.
Error login gamemaker.PNG
Error when loading gamemakerr.PNG
Error when loading gamemaker.PNG


First of all, YoYo ceased giving out 1.4 Free licenses earlier this year. Whatever you have must be either stale or illegitimate.

Second of all, 1.4.1763 was released over a year ago, and is commonly associated with pirated software. The only version of 1.4 today that works properly without that error is 1.4.9999, which has severed all non-licensing ties to YoYo online resources (all of which has been taken offline since August).

If you want legitimate support from an official source, don't expect it with illegitimate copies of software from an unofficial source.