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GMS 2.3+ Gamemaker run out of memery while in debug mode


Hi. I am using GMS2 with IDE v2.3.1.542 Runtime v2.3.1.409. (Windows 10)
The problem is when I running my game with debug mode, add some break point, and if I move my mouse to some local variable.
for example a struct called 'node'. Then the IDE will have no respond and crash. But my game is running normally after I Force Close the IDE.
It's very annoying this problem happens every times. When it ran out of my memory completely, I have no choice but force close my Entire PC.
I have completely no idea if this is my fault.

By the way, I have wrote some code like
array_insert(arr, len, value);

delete <struct>;

// and some recursion function like

function find_leef(node){
    if node.type != LEEF
        return find_leef(node.child);
    else if node.type == LEEF
        return node;
    show_error("Error", true);
in create or destroy event in that object.
My PC have 16G memory and my game uses about 50Mb.
This problem will happen too on my laptop. which has 8G RAM.


I just started seeing this as well when programming over the weekend. There were certain functions I could not step through in the debugger without GMS going unresponsive. In Task Manager you could watch GMS chew up more memory until the system ran out. But stepping through other parts of the code was fine.

For me the memory race coincided with a Windows OS update and also affected Microsoft Outlook desktop, so I'm not sure that GMS is at fault here.