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Question - IDE GameMaker requires me to "Update Profile"... will not start though everything is updated help



Whenever i start up GameMaker it greets me with a login and after that it tells me i need to update my profile to continue. I dont know whats wrong because i have everything updated on yoyogames including my name, email etc.
Regardless of how many times i update it it still tells me to update.
I submitted a support ticket and a post on Reddit yet neither have replied back to me

If you have any idea of what i need to do please help, im not sure if there is a prompt im missing or something i didn't agree to? Im at a loss


Takes a few days for the transfer of ownership of your home goes through.
This is happening with me, and I've had GMS2 for quite some time
Just began yesterday, and I can't find much info in the forums about it.

Nevermind. Solved it by actually logging in to the main Yoyo Games website (not the forums) and then had to accept the new agreement.
It was standard stuff, like firstborn child, etc.
I never did get any e-mails about the change though -- and yes I checked my spam folder.
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