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Discussion GameMaker on Linux: Level of Interest thread

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Earlier today, moderators closed a thread in this subforum discussing GMS2 being ported to run on Linux.

I don't want to question the decision to close that discussion, it had mostly played itself out.

Where we were left is this:
  1. YYG had announced a few years ago, when Sandy Duncan was still CEO, that they were planning to port GMS to Linux, and that the re-write they were working on for the IDE that has become GMS2 was going to enable that to happen.
  2. Their current roadmap shows intent to release a Mac OS X version in the next year or so, but no longer mentions Linux.
  3. I asked, and it was answered, that YYG do not currently see sufficient demand for a Linux edition, and so have no plans to release one. In order to change their minds, they will need to see evidence of a customer base in the 10's of thousands.
The point of this post isn't to debate whether or not it's good for GameMaker to be on Linux, or whether or not YYG should or shouldn't port to Linux. We know the answers for that today, for now.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below. "Interested in Linux" or "+1" or something to that effect, short and sweet, so we don't tempt the moderators to close down thread. Just enough to be counted.

If you're not interested in GMS on Linux, no problem -- that's fine, YYG is already on that path, so you can just ignore the this topic, please.

It may take centuries to hit 10,000 comments, or it may never happen. But if we can't be counted, YYG will say they can't see demand for it, and it'll never happen.

Thanks for your time!

Instead, the point of this thread is to provide GMC users with the opportunity to indicate their interest in a Linux edition.


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I think this topic has run it's course and there isn't much more to be said that is of any use to anyone, so I'm closing it. There will be no Linux port of the IDE just now for all the reasons that have been outlined by @Mike above, and should this change YoYo Games will be sure and let everyone know.
The same applies to this topic. People have already shown their support in the last topic, so there's no need of another topic just yet. Moreover, this topic offers no discussion value. Topic closed.

PS: GMS 2 is still in its early stages, so it's quite pointless to predict what would happen and what won't. Let YoYo spend their resources on something that is more important. Once that is done, they will let you know if there's going to be a Linux port of the IDE. Number of comments in a topic would do everything but pursue YoYo to do so.
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