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GMS 2.3+ Gamemaker glossary

Gamemaker has one of the best manuals I have seen in terms of readability ease of use etc. However, It's difficult to navigate if you don't know what you want.

For example, I need a piece of code to find the largest number in a set. My thoughts were 'ok ill make a loop' no problem. Then I find there is a function called max that does it for me. I only discover these things by chance.

My question is do we have a book I can buy or a PDF I can look at that just lists every in-built function in alphabetical order so I can just read through it and be like 'oh cool I didnt know you could do that' The manual doesn't really lend itself to this kind of use in my opinion.
The manual. Look in Scripting > GML Reference

Using your example, Scripting > GML Reference > Maths > Number Functions > max()


Open the manual, click Index tab. Work your way down the list. lol

And the Search tab is no Google, but it does search the contents of each page. To that end, you could just use Google since GMS2's manual is online.
I did not notice that. The glossary was probably the wrong term to use. Your right it does have a glossary on the third button in but it doesn't show functions. It's just what does 'physics' mean etc.


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When the "index" secion of the manual gets fixed (next update!) it will list every page and function in alphabetical order and you can then use that to browse the pages as you wish. :)