OFFICIAL GameMaker for Mac is no longer for sale

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From the Helpdesk:

GameMaker for Mac, which was based on the GameMaker 7 framework, is a product that has brought GameMaker's accessible tool set to a huge number of Mac users for many years. There has always been great demand to see our software on Mac, but we no longer believe this demand is being adequately met by GameMaker for Mac. The legacy technology on which it is built has left it very far behind the advancements made in our flagship product GameMaker: Studio, therefore we have decided to remove GameMaker for Mac from sale.

This will not affect any of our customers who have already purchased GameMaker for Mac and they will still be able to use their product fully. If you experience any problems with your licence or have any questions please contact our Helpdesk.

We still recognise and appreciate the very real demand to see a fully featured, up to date version of GameMaker: Studio available for Mac users and we intend to meet that demand as part of our future strategy.


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