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GameMaker and Tiled integration

"Tiled Map Editor" recently added his own GameMaker Room export function recently. Has anyone been working with Tiled to make rooms for GameMaker? I was wondering what your work flow was like between the two softwares, and specifically how to use custom properties setup in Tiled from GameMaker.



I tried it out when the build in room.gmx Exporter was introduced and for tilesets alone it worked quite well.
It also supports the placing of Objects but unfortunately it doesn't support origin points (yet?) so it handles all object as if the origin point is (0,0).


It also supports the placing of Objects .
How can I import and export objects correctly? I have looked left and right to no avail. I only do tiles and that's it. If I can import and export the objects it'd be such a great amazing accomplishment for life! Please let me know how. Thanks


As far as I remember you just need to give a placed object in Tile a name (the same it has in GM).


Haven't checked into that. The editor in GM2 is so much better than in GM1.4 that I've stopped using Tiled altogether and relied only on the GM editor.
Sure, but Tiled is used by our artist who doesn't have GM:S and any knowledge with that.
Anyway, GMTiled is working well for GMS2.2.x (until you keep the path of files short and import layers tileset by tileset)