gamemaker 8 probs -_-' weird popups


hi guys!

I run win7 64bit.
Gamemaker 8.0 doesn't like that ^^

it takes longer to load my standalone compiled exe's. i can live with that.
other than that it works great.
until the popups started. when i click my exe file, it displays the loading bar...loading....
and then the highscore window pops up! i don't even know how to close it. i just random click on
taskbar and minimize and click, and somehow it goes away (if i'm lucky...)
and if its not the highscores, then it will be the game information window, or the "created with gamemaker" splash in the top left corner ._. i even saw the debug messages window once :p
this behaviour doesn't occur when i compile/run when working on it. only when i click a compiled exe.

i know i'm a little late to the party :D
but i was wondering, if any of you guys experienced that, know how to fix it, or where
i can still find help, since its so old.
my workarounds have failed. i tried hiding the TScoreForm, TLogoForm or TLoadForm via autohotkey. but unfortunately it waits until the loading bar is done, and sometimes just flickers (hides/unhides) the popups frantically. at the moment it try moving the windows off the screen, but also not very reliable.

so I'm kinda stuck :-(

any help is appreciated (unless its, "get new version" or "run on 32bit vPC")

thanks :)
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Huh. I ran GM8 (8.1 Lite specifically, but also 8 Lite) on a 64-bit Windows 7 for years upon years (and even the late versions of 7 when that was a thing) with no trouble at all. Do you open the high-score window at all throughout your game? Does this happen in a blank project with a blank room? Really without code or context, it's kind of hard to help out.
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thanks for the reply :)

I...... am an idiot.
it was my autohotkey script all along.
everything works fine again. and btw. nothing in my code opened any of the popups. i think i was trying to hide the loading screen with ahk, and from there everything went downhill... and i didn't realize for weeks.

oh well, live and learn ^^