Gamemaker 2 Sprite editor/creator



Hello Everyone. I've been having a little difficulty with the gamemaker sprite editor. I have an UGEE tablet monitor I use to draw, and I've been trying to create the sprite animations using gamemakers built in editor.

The problem is, I have no idea how to create the next frame for animation while using the previous frame as a base. for example, when walking, Stationary pose (frame 1) > first step(Frame 2). I want to trace over frame 1 for frame 2 so that the animation can be consistent and not sloppy looking. I've tried to duplicate the frame, create a second layer and delete the first layer, BUT that deletes the first frames layer 1 as well. I am having a hard time finding anything online or in the learning part of gamemaker's website explaining how to use it.

I want to solely use the editor in Gamemaker if possible to develop the assets and sprites. I have photoshop and clip studio PRO to develop animations to import, but i'm having a hard time learning that feature.

Thanks for your time.