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GameMaker 2.0


Greetings all, ive been idling for a long time and now seen that yoyogames have released a new major version:
Gamemaker Studio 2! :D

Im very excited but their introduction video didnt show me much, i have so many questions but the most important for me is :

Do we finally have multithreading/ multi cpu core support? as in 2 or 3 threads or as many as we wish running for the same game?

Best Regards,


20 threads?, 1 to hold the lightbulb and 19 to screw the house around the lightbulb? :p

Sorry for missing that thread, i just read it and it still didnt clarify me on multi cpu though :\


I thought I was pretty clear in my reply to your question.
Ah yes, sorry for missing it, tought you were saying Nope as in i didnt miss that link posted in the thread above you,

Thanks mate, and sorry for making you reply me twice in 2 diff threads :)