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In this thread ongoing or future game development competitions and events will be mentioned hosted on other sites. Feel free to watch the thread, so that you won't miss any. If you are interested in local jams, you might want to check Game Jam topics instead and look for YYG announcements.

If you know about any interesting game development event, feel free to post about it. Such an event should:
  • be hosted externally (GMC/YYG challenges should have their own topic/announcement)
  • allow entries made in both GameMaker Studio 1 & 2 (older versions are fine, too, but aren't required)
  • not limit participants to specific organisation, country etc. (requiring free registration on specific site is fine)
  • not require a participation fee
  • have a definite beginning and end
  • have a page listing the details specific to that exact event (such as the time, themes etc.); general information about recurring event series doesn't count

Please include in your post the event's name, official page link and beginning/end time.

Once an event is wrapped up (e.g. the event finishes or competition results are announced) the corresponding post will be deleted to keep the topic clean.

Recurring events:

You might want to remember about the following recurring events:

  • Global Game Jam - held annually around January
  • Ludum Dare - held every 4 months (around April, August and December)
  • GM48 - held quarterly (around January, April, July and October), GM-specific

(also, don't forget about our local quarterly GMC Jam)

Please post events announcments only.
Other posts, such as discussion about an earlier mentioned event, will be deleted.
If you got any questions about the thread itself, please ask via conversation instead.
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I cannot find out what the prize is of the Global Game Jam. Is there any way I can find out?