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Question - IDE Game works on older IDE version but has bugs with new IDE version

Hi all,

My game runs fine on the December 5th 2018 version of gamemaker studio 2, but runs with loads of bug and glitches with the newer versions. I've attached a Google drive link to my project.

If you press load game, then either player0 or player1, you will see that the character has no weapons equipped. If you press play in the bottom right corner the level will start but the character still has no weapons.

What has changed after the December 5th 2018 update?

I'm completely baffled by this; any help is tremendously appreciated.

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Probably a lot of things changed between these versions. You need to check it by yourself by reading the runtime release notes and carefully debugging your game. Game dev tools change all the time while they are under development and unfortunately it is not rare that old projects will not work on the latest release as we expect. This isn't necessarily Game Maker's fault by the way. You could easily find similar troubles in Unity and other engines.
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I appreciate that, in hopes that the changes are for the better good.

I skimmed through the release notes and nothing strikes me as the cause of the inconsistencies .