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Windows game won't build please help...... :(


Unexciting Name

So i installed the game maker studio 2.
I went on youtube and started watching a tutorial on how to make a game on gms2
i started, and after the first 15 minutes, the guy tested the game.
i wanted to do so the same but i noticed one thing.
my game was building for over 60 minutes and nothing.
i tried debug, restarting the program, then restarting my PC and still nothing.
my game wont build, its just showing a clock on the top-right corner on the screen,
and its also NOT showing ANY errors
here is the screenshot that might help:

i want to mention that i am NEW and had only about a half an hour experience in gms2
i have a good experience with other game engines like unity 5 and unreal engine 4, but just can't figure out how to fix this problem. any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: i'm thinking it might be bcs it is a fresh install but you probably know more than me about this.
EDIT 2: ill try to update the engine

EDIT 3: IT WORKED!!!!!! I UPDATED THE GAME AND IT WORKED! i really don't know what seemed to be causing that problem but if YOU know post it here so people could find the solution if updating it did not work. thank you for your time!
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Looks like it's stuck on saving the project, that's about the only thing I can notice.

In the help menu of GMS 2 there is an option the view the UI.log file, check that it might have more detailed messages.

Have you tried running with admin rights, disabling anti virus and building, also can try reinstalling GMS with antivirus disabled.

Is your windows installation up to date.

These are just general tips that have worked for others in the past, hard to guess what else it could be.