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Game Studies by a Youtube Channel



I always like this channel called: Extra Credits
They offer information about games and interesting perspectives. A lot of the time I find it useful when making a game. ^.^ Sometimes it's about the plot, sometimes about the gameplay, sometimes characters and sometimes just general information that's useful when making a game. (Like the Uncanny Valley episode which describes why people thought robots were very cool in the 70s and 90s but now the robots that look like people are just downright hair raising. Imo.) Check it out and support them ^.^
Funny thing was the first time I watched this channel, it was about some scary version of facebook the Chinese created in order to shun anyone who is not patriotic enough which could effectively ruin their reputation and status in their society. This is a very decent channel. If anyone hasn't seen their videos yet, I definitely recommend it!

Nice share, by the way!