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    Game Mechanics - TinyGamesLab

    GM Version: 1.4 (Should work on v2 also)
    Target Platform: ALL
    Download: Per tutorial below
    Links: N/A

    Hello Folks!
    I'm starting a biweekly series of tutorials focused on showing off how to adapt famous game mechanics into GMS.
    The idea is to have a 10 - 20min video explaining how to get it done. Games will be simple but the mechanics will be complete and visuals will be ok.
    I'll also post the final game for download so you can work on top of it.


    Typing / Tapping Game:
    First game is a tapping/typing game, like a game called Duelito. General idea is to use a ds_list to hold the sequence to be pressed and to have a state machine controlling it all.
    It can be watched here:

    Game link:
    Project zip!

    Throwing / Hit Game:
    Second game is a throwing game, like the popular knife hit. For this game we'll have a state machine controlling the knife states and simple arithmetics to position the objects.
    It can be watched here:

    Game link:
    Project zip!

    If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions, feel free to reply!

    Also, if you'd like to see me making a tutorial of a specific game, just let me know! I'll eventually run out ideas if the community does not help me out!

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