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Legacy GM Game Maker Studio : Updater has stopper working


There are many posts with this problem on the forum, but I can not find a solution.

-Game maker Studio 1.4 does not open on Windows 10, at startup the "game maker studio: updater has stopper working" window appears
-The steam version starts, but only because it does not have to make updates, but at the execution of any project appears "GM assets compiler has stopper working"

- uninstalled and reinstalled
- made a fresh install
- make sure to have .NET 3.5
- windows clean boot
- tried to install it on another computer and start it from the files brought with a USB
- antivirus are off

- To have problems seem to be some actions that GM makes, in fact on steam the program starts normally, but when I try to compile or test a project, to crash is the "GM assets compiler " in the same way of the "the updater" in the standalone program.
- But in the steam case,the console of GM give me this log
Process is terminated due to StackOverflowException.
Asset Compile finished: 15:00:04
Compile finished: 15:00:05
- After installing it for the first it worked normally, the next time it started to no longer work, could I have installed something later that causes some conflict? how can I understand what?

I hope someone can help me, I'm trying everything but I can not even understand WHAT can cause the problem.
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I have a same problem but no one, not even the admin can do anything about it.
I'm no Profesional. but yesterday I was trying to open a progress with double click. But I just won't load, so like you I have done everything. But to no avail.
None of the people or any suggestions are any help. My suggestion is that it has somthing to do with ether a anti-virus protection, or the GMSupdater is crashing instantly.