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Windows Game Maker Studio 2 deleted my project & backup project.


I had just finished a development session and i was saving my progress, i saved my project to my backup project then i went to save it to my pain project again and a error message popped up and game maker closed my project and when i tried to open it back up. It was gone... Game maker had deleted the project files AND all of the sprites, objects and code. Months of work down the drain.. Does anybody have advice, Please respond.


Does anybody have advice
Automated backups managed independently of both you and gms (in other words, use backup software, not manual file management be it from within gms or through file browsers, etc.), and source control.

If the files are gone, they're gone. If the resource files are not gone but the printed is blank you might be able to recreate the project using yyp-maker or by importing those resources into a new project.