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Mac OSX Game Maker Studio 2 Crashes on MacOS 12 Monterey Beta

Hi! I've unfortunately found out that Game Maker Studio 2 doesn't seem to work on MacOS 12 Monterey (Developer Beta). I've tried re-installing the program entirely but it crashes only seconds after I click the icon. I'm using a a relatively new M1 MacBook Air from last year, so that might be related as well but it's hard to say. GMS2 worked fine before I updated to Monterey. If anyone knows how a way to bypass this issue please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Crash log: https://pastebin.com/5RSvypkx
Same problem here for me, except it was a new install of GMS2 on Monterey PB2. Suspect it's in part related to the version of Xcode as the Monterey beta also needs the beta of Xcode (Which I have installed). If there's a GMS2 Beta version, I'd love to try it out.


Same problem here... I guess it's our fault that we installed the Beta and YoYo can't do much about it as it's not an official version yet.
For me the problem is that I just can't downgrade back and therefore run GMS, but it's my problem :(