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Windows Game Maker Studio 1 - Windows is getting the display width and height incorrectly



Hello everyone. I have a big problem now and this didn't happen before. I hope you can help me. I think GMS itself is the problem.

When I create an executable of any game (on windows target), it not get the display height and width correctly anymore. This is a deal breaker for me because I cant test my projects right.

I dont know what is going on. I already contacted yoyo's support, I hope they answer soon. I suspect that a Windows 10 update caused the problem. Because yoyo has not updated GMS1 in a while (I think).

I thought that reinstalling GMS1 could fix the problem. But I think I no longer can download it from yoyo nor steam.

I tried with a simple test project. Just a GUI showing the height and width of the display. And instead of showing 1920x1080 it showed 1536x864. Even the display tutorial of PixelatedPope (the sample project) no longer works.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Thank you.

Edit: So I tried something and apperantly it "solved" the problem. It was the same that this other person did.


But he did not get a solution or did not tell. It is weird, I have not this problem before. Why I have to check that option now?

The option is: "Disable Display Scaling On High DPI Settings".

Any ideas? Thanks for reading me.
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