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Game Maker Networking Bug?!?!?!



This is a weird one, ive been trying to create a network with a server and several clients for a while now and for some reason when i try to connect multiple clients to the same server, the second one can never connect. At one point i did have a project that would allow this and successfully had to clients on it... then it just broke and never worked again. Ive restarted the project server times and eben stripepd it down to its bare bones but it still just doesnt work.

/////simple server code
server_socket = network_create_server(network_socket_tcp,25565,5);
show_debug_message("server failed to create");

////simple client code
client_socket = network_create_socket(network_socket_tcp);
var server = network_connect(client_socket,"",25565)

show_debug_message("not able to connect to server")


This allows 1 client to join, but when i launch the second one it just freezes and fails to join. Any one have any ideas on why this is happening?