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    Jun 21, 2016
    and also
    and also
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    are all completely safe.

    Please talk about Game Maker Legacy games or Game Maker Legacy others or both in this thread and also you can look up Hypercam 2.0 on google.

    If you do upload any Game Maker Legacy file such as an example file please do record such a file's download in a video and such a download being extracted, downloaded, scanned etc. to make sure that the download is completely safe to download.

    I want all of the following Game Maker Legacy examples if you can upload them:
    Mega Man Example made by Damaged Games
    Legend of Zelda screen scrolling example
    Legend of Zelda text box example

    Also virustotal wesbite scans files, file etc. and gives results but you can use your own anti hamrful software scanner to scan files, file etc.

    Below in this post are perfect
    Hypercam 2.0

    Screen Area

    Start X 0
    Start Y 0
    Width 1364
    Height 768

    Show rectangle around recorded area
    has a check mark to the of its text

    Iconize Hypercam Window to The Task Bar
    has a black circle to its left of its text

    All other clickonable options for
    Screen Area
    should have have a checkmark nor black circle left of it.

    AVI File

    Rates in Frames per Second, Record: 5

    Playback: 5

    Cursor/Full frame capture ratio 1 (1 to capture every frame)

    Key frame every 100 frames

    Video Compressor -- Auto Select - Strongly Recommended!

    Leave rest of settings as they are.

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