Game Maker and NFTs?


Hey all,

Many of us have undoubtedly heard about the rise of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and after exploring the space I was happy to have learned that there are quite a few games made already. Some of them have figured out how to connect your games to the blockchain and store your NFTs almost like an inventory that could then be used in game. The tech is very young and there doesn't seem to be any discussion with game engines and NFTs.
Does anyone know of any information or the possibility of Game Maker connecting to the blockchain? I would love to make an NFT game but really not sure how, there are no tutorials and I'm quite the amateur coder but try my best to learn with game jams. Although I have minted some pixel art and some how sold a few, it would be really fun to use code and make something awesome! Thanks!


That isn't surprising but if anyone happens across this thread in the future, please check out The Sandbox Game Maker. Seems like you can make your own games and NFT wearables that can be bought and played in game. I hope Game Maker can venture into this space as I do believe this will be the future of digital market assets!



Theft of digital art online is a pretty big problem, if you're an artist. Anyone can go on deviantart right now and take somebody's art, turn it into an NFT, claim ownership and cash in.

None of this is "awesome".

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In my opinion, this is a doomed idea.

The NFT market is already crashing, as often happens when a new speculative asset gains sudden popularity beyond its normative value. It's a classic example of an economic bubble.

As muki pointed out, the scene is rampant with art theft, and I've read many accounts of people who've lost significant amounts of money due to fraud or errors during transactions. Because BTC/ETH/crypto in general doesn't use traditional banking or financial regulation systems, it's very hard to get your money back if something goes wrong.

There's a reason NFT creators and collectors insist that it's an easy way to make tons of money. It's because the value of their assets is dependent on more people buying into the system.

Of course, you've probably already heard that the NFT system is absurdly terrible for the environment, and its power requirements are only getting higher and higher as coins become harder to mint. There are now entire warehouses filled with GPUs running 24/7 for the express purpose of crypto mining. This has led to serious scarcity for regular consumers.

There are plenty of ways to create persistent inventories or incorporate microtransactions without hitching your wagon to an environment-destroying pyramid scheme.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: there are many cases now where the token simply links to an unsecured URL, such that anyone can access the file, whether they have the token or not, and the cryptoart in question can be "erased" if the link goes offline.