Game Maker 8.1 CRASHES


I have few problems with my gm8.1...
1. If I just run it and open any game it says: "No sound device detected. Sounds might no play." Game runs 10-15sec without sounds and then crashes, opens again and everything works fine. (This message shows even the game doesn't have sounds)
2. If I run it in "compatibility mode" and open game it says: "Failed to load game data. File seems corrupted." But if I press "OK", it starts and runs normally?
3. Few games opens everytime first in windowed, and after I get those messages ^, it goes fullscreen.
So umm.. What's going on with my gm? :D This is very strange and it started suddenly do this. Earlier everything worked fine.


This is a known problem with certain Windows 8/10 updates and audio drivers. That is one of several reasons why 8.1 was discontinued early.