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Android Game Maker 2 can't find NDK file


I got Android Studio in an attempt to convert a Game Maker project over to Android. I downloaded the SDK, and Game Maker found that with no problem. I was using a tutorial online to do this and in it they just checked this box that had was labeled NDK in Android Studio, but when I went to check myself, it wasn't there. The closest thing to it was, "NDK (side by side)". I downloaded it and tried to track it down in my files but was not successful. I did find a file that said "ndk" but when I entered it's location into Game Maker, it continued to say "Not found". I don't know where it went or if I even have it in the first place. I am currently unable to run my Game Maker project because it can't find the NDK. Is there a way I can find the NDK without having to go through the hassle of getting Android Studio again but an older version to hopefully get this to work?