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Legacy GM Game made in GMS 1.4 slows when using second screen or screen capture software


Mash the Stampede

A game my husband and I are creating in GMS runs at unusable speeds when we use a second monitor. It's OK if the screen is set to "projector only", but as a duplicate it's ridiculously slow, with low FPS to boot. Using Windows 7 and 10.

This same game simply cannot be used with any screen capture software. The speed of play and FPS drop dramatically. It's a retro-style game that works reasonably well on a 6-year old laptop, so recording gameplay should work on my high performance machine. I tried games such as Ori and the Blind Forest with the screen recorders and they work fine.

It seems to me that these problems are somehow related, but Google searches turn up nothing of use. Could anybody point me in a good direction? Apologies if this topic has already been covered, I couldn't find anything.


Your Creator!
How are your monitors connected, are they connected to the motherboard of your pc or the graphics card (or a mixture of both)
This could be a cause of your trouble.
Does this happen with any other kind of software?
Try making a simple example gm project in which you draw a few (reasonably intensive) things to check performance and see if you can reproduce the issue with that.