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Windows Game lagging since last updates


Valiant Quest

Anyone else having very slow performance?

The game was perfect 2 patches ago. Now it lags and hangs quite often :(


GMC Elder
Game or IDE? If it's the IDE, can you please try going to Preferences -> General -> Power Saving and set the "not in focus" option to 100% and see if that helps.


Can you describe when and where the slowdown happens? Is it constant or there are slowdown bursts? Is it only with v-sync on? etc.
Because I had a constant slowdown going on after updating some months ago. A slowdown due to v-sync that made the game run like 53 fps constant instead of 60.
Well, that was due the sleep margin setting that had been changed. It was now 1 by default and putting it back to 10 (as it was before) fixed the problem for me. (see graphic tab in your target's global settings)


It's in the IDE, not the actual game. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I am trying the power savings option and will report back in a few days if it's still happening.

Also, the slow down is constant. When I do a layout reset, and then reboot the program, it's better again for a little while.

I hope the suggestion works, because I do hop back and forth between programs often. Thanks. (One other note. I'm not sure if it's just a placebo, but I work on dual monitors. When it's on my primary one (laptop) things run better for longer. But again, that might be placebo.

EDIT: I think the powersaving mode solution helped. Thanks so much. As you can imagine, it was SO laggy at 15%.

Could it possibly be that my second monitor, even though I'm using it, and it's "in focus" the IDE thought it's "not in focus" and assumed my laptop screen was the one in focus?" Things are running on the laptop sometimes. Youtube videos/music, etc...
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