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Windows Game is deleting my sprites and is saying they're variables

I open my game in the project editing window. It says "The variable sprite_index = sPlayerA (name of sprite) has not been set." Obviously, not a variable. It's a built-in command designed to interact with a sprite. A sprite which I have made in the game. It does this with another sprite called sPlayerR. I save, and exit, hoping the problem is with the current loading of the program. I open it back up. Both sprites have been deleted, so I make the sprites again, and do the song and dance over again. THis time, I reboot my whole computer. Same issue.
Please help me. Please, please help me.

For context, this is the code from Shaun Spaldings' GMS2 Complete Platformer Tutorial #2


This is what I understand from your post:

You have created a sprite called sPlayerA. At one point, after opening the project, the sprite resource vanished. You save, exit, and load the project. When you load the project, sPlayerR no longer exists. Re-adding the sprites, saving, exiting, rebooting, and loading leads to the sprites no longer existing again.

Have you checked inside the project directory? Are the sprite resource files still there? Are the images still there? If you open the main project file in Notepad, is there any reference to the sprite?

More importantly, have you reported this bug? You should be able to do so here: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/contact-us