SOLVED Game ideas that can use TCP networking

So, I followed a networking tutorial for GMS 2, and I finished. I already knew the difference between TCP and UDP and stuff, plus quite a bit of networking experience. My dumb brain didn't realise it isn't as easy as changingnetwork_create_server(network_socket_tcp,port,max_clients); to network_create_server(network_socket_udp,port,max_clients); Kinda funny, considering I know how different they handle packets. There is no WAY I am rewriting my network code (Took 2 days and hours spent each day) so just looking for any ways to improve smoothness or game ideas that don't require UDP.


Any sort of non-realtime game would work fine with TCP. Turn based strategy, board games, card games, that sort of thing. If you're looking to practice making an online game, I'd make an online blackjack game or something. Latency would be a total non-issue.
so for a realtime games is better the UDP connection?
TCP requires all data to arrive, and in order, so there are additional checks that make it slower. If 1 packet arrives early or not at all, it has to wait for the data behind it to arrive too before your game can process it. This will appear as network silence for a second or so. Not great for a high paced game where every micro second counts.
UDP is just send and hope. Much faster, but also much more risky. You will need to implement checks to make sure everything arrived. It also requires a lot more testing because you need to ensure there are no consequences for any possible order of your data arriving.

It's great for sending data like player position in a realtime game, but again you'll need to also implement your own "sell by date" system so that if your data arrives out of order or late, you don't see other players snapping about all over the place. You'd only want to keep the most recent data, and ignore anything older.