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Game Idea Repository

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Joe Ellis, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Joe Ellis

    Joe Ellis Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    I've been thinking about this making this thread for a while, it started cus of the amount of random ideas I have, and quite alot of ideas for games. But most of them, I'll never actually make, so I thought, for every idea someone has, maybe there'll be a person that actually wants to make it. So I thought this could be a thread where people post any ideas like this. It could help people struggling to find inspiration, share unique ideas, and generally would be fun to see what people think of.

    So if you have had any game ideas that you're never gonna make, why not give them away to someone who will make them?
  2. Lonewolff

    Lonewolff Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    Bummer. That's me out. All of my ideas are gold.

  3. K12gamer

    K12gamer Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Inspired by this GM game (Space Breakers) I'm thinking about making a similar Break Out style game with Retro Arcade themes.
    Here are some really rough screen shot mock ups...


    Asteroids: Survive a wave of asteroids that drop from the top / top sides of the screen (Weapon would maybe stay on / autofire to keep this level fair)
    You'd die if your main ball got past you...or you got hit by an asteroid.

    Pacman: Pacman himself would be a (rotating) ball that you hit with your paddle. All the blue walls would be breakable. Hit / gather all the
    white dots to complete the level. Hit a ghost...and Pacman would get flung towards the ground at a fast speed...with his momentum slowly going back
    to normal after a few paddle hits. Hit a power dot and you could eat the ghosts for a few seconds. To keep the level fair, Paman's enemies would
    stay from the middle to the top of the screen.

    Tetris: Survive a wave of dropping blocks (They'd drop no further than the center of the screen). Maybe a column would fall down 1 level if you hit
    the block underneath it. You'd die if the ball got past you...or you allowed the bricks to stack to the top of the screen. Maybe even allow the player
    to manipulate / move the dropping blocks with WASD or the Arrow Keys.

    Note: This is a GM 8 Break Out style game I made many years ago...and the games show above would have similar play mechanics...

  4. Gamebot

    Gamebot Member

    Jul 3, 2016
    I was thinking about a game I called Byte Block. At first a phone game turned platformer but moved towards 2.5d version of "Myst". Where you solve puzzles, find secrets ect.. However, the byte block idea is a simple one which can have many uses and have many changes per game. Have several scattered "blocks" with different colors and selected numbers/symbols which all represent the following:

    and as a challenge neg-binary or two's comp...???

    Each system would have it's own color, selected at the beginning of the game making each game different. The numbers on them would correspond to the number system they represent. When put together in the correct order they would represent the same number or each could represent a different number. In either case you would look for clues throughout your quest to find these numbers. This could be through deduction also depending on set up.

    One thing I wanted to add, though it may be better somewhere else, was the use of different computers in which some are older than others. The idea was to have hints or save data on different save devices that only go to that computer. Devices such as 3 different floppy drives, CD, MMC, Micro, USB...

    However, this idea kept changing and decided to join a team with a much better idea...any thoughts?
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  5. debleb

    debleb Member

    Jul 17, 2019
    A business management RPG in the style of Stardew Valley set in a world in constant winter called January Paws. You see a poster for a cottage for sale in a little village and, tired of the bleak grey and white life in the city, decide to buy the oddly cheap cottage and move there. After you move there, you learn the village is inhabited by a race of cat-like people called the January Paws (that's where the name of the game is from). They're almost completely isolated from the rest of society and like to keep it that way, asking you not to tell any outsiders about the village. Anyway, you are offered a chance to start up a business of your choice (cafe/restaurant, farm, store, maybe a blacksmith or a carpenter?) and you set up shop, working in the village to pay your bills and become wealthy (alongside a side-journey to find the source of the eternal winter)
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  6. K12gamer

    K12gamer Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    I was going to say a POKEMON fighting game that plays like TEKKEN...then I Googled it and it seems something like this already exists on Wii U...
    Maybe an enhanced version...that also let you use the trainers as fighters. Imagine cool tag team ups with Pokemon and their
    trainers. (Maybe even a 4 player mode). :eek:

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