HTML5 Game Idea Generator

Over the past while now I have been using GameMaker to develop a small number of free Windows/Web apps for my own fun/learning and to help myself as well as other indie game[maker] developers. I'm now at the point where I'd like to share them with everyone and get some feedback.

Game Idea Generator is a free HTML5 app built with GameMaker Studio 2 that generates random game ideas. there are two modes:
1. Local - mix and match genre, plot, location, and niche to come up with a game idea for your next project
2. User Feedback - Generate ideas and vote on them (Like/Dislike and Funny), the 10 most popular of each category are shown for a good laugh or to launch your next developing adventure!

Check it out by clicking here

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haha I got a good few while testing "A construction game where you defy physics in a warzone with no one to help",
"A metroidvania game where you explore in a castle but there's a secret unravelling"
and "A stealth game where gods battle for power in a city before the end of the world"


That's pretty fun, one of the best ones i got was along the lines of "solve mysteries on a prehistoric earth and you have 24 hours to save the world."

That's make a pretty fun game. Play as a timetraveller who must stop the extinction of the dinosaurs.