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HTML5 Game Freezes when executing url_open_ext


Hi there!

I have a problem regarding url_open_ext.
The purpose why I'm using it is to open a PDF file for a registration process in a new browser tab.

Example: url_open_ext(working_directory+"registration.pdf","_blank");
Opening Google or any other weblink results in the same issue.

However, the game freezes, tested in Firefox, Chrome as well as Edge.

Same with the clickable Events if I click on them clickable_add.

When I'm inspecting the code in Chrome it says:

So it looks like the game just ends when "url_open" is executed as well as on a clickable event.
Is this a known bug or did I overlook anything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

/edit: GM:S Version is 2.2.5 running on Win10
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