Game Files



How would I make it so players can't go into game files and edit or manipulate sprites or objects to change the game? Some say just Right click on the File and select "Properties" and check mark the "Hidden" box. However I wanna make it so players can't just show the hidden files and edit them. How do I do this? Thanks
What's the purpose behind this request? What is so critical about your game that you must prevent the player from editing the game.

Given that even AAA games cannot prevent determined hackers, there is not really anything you can do to stop this.

The only way to prevent it would be to not share the game with anyone.

GameMaker already packages up most (if not all, depending on if you've used included files for one) the resources in a single data file that the average user wouldn't be able to access.

If you search this forum and/or the internet for this topic, you will generally find agreement that DRM/protection schemes are mostly not worth the effort and the annoyance factor they can cause to legitimate users.

Pirates will crack your game, normal users will find the DRM aggravating.