Game Design Ideas With AI

So I saw a post on reddit mentioning this and I thought it was pretty neat as a simple way to get some ideas around theming or mechanics. If you go to Talk To Transformer and type in a sentence along the lines of "<game name> is a <game genre> where <game description>" the AI will auto complete the rest of your sentence. Sometimes it's a little nonsensical, but other times it comes up with some cool ideas based around what you typed. For instance, I typed "Floramancer is a turn-based strategy game where you grow plants to attack enemies with." and here's a few samples of what it autocompleted with:
There are eight different plant types to choose from including herbs, fruits, flowers, mushrooms, mushrooms/blossoms, and vines. You'll also have to defend your crops and farm crops to keep yourself from rotting away. There are 10 different missions each with different requirements: harvesting, planting a tree, harvesting a flower, harvest of the fruit, harvest of the mushrooms, harvesting of the vines, and harvesting a flower. There's also a hidden boss fight. The boss will drop you 10 seeds and a random herb in your hands! If you're interested, head to the secret room on the west side of Gokai Market, where the boss will be on the throne. The secret chest and items are located north-west of the throne and can be found by a large tree, so I'd recommend getting there while there's still some daylight left on the level!There are seven different bosses to defeat. One of them will drop your favorite flower. I'm using a green bud seed in my collection. It's the best choice in this game.
You need to grow plants in order to attack enemy plants with. At any time you can destroy enemy plants but you will lose your plants if they are destroyed. You can also harvest plants if you have enough.

You can also collect plants when you get a plant by having a certain number of plants in a row on a level.

You can also use a plant to destroy an enemy by moving it into a spot.

You are not required to win this mode.

The player with the fewest plants can always survive without any problem.

To unlock the map and the player with the fastest times and lowest times is the winner!

The first person to reach 100 kills will win the map!
Floramancer is a turn-based strategy game where you grow plants to attack enemies with. The player will select from a total of 20 varieties, each with different abilities and special abilities. Each stage requires some strategy, as it features obstacles that are hidden around level.

If the player wants to play as a player or a monster, then you must collect mushrooms, plants, energy cards, and more to unlock more tiles for the game. You have to find all the mushrooms and plants, and defeat enemies with them in order to collect every card from the game.

The game has a few twists to its gameplay: Each area is connected to each player with a bridge, and each player can use them to climb over one of the obstacles and reach the other side via a different path. When all obstacles are covered, the bridge is broken and you must return to where you started from. In other words, you have to survive to the end, but even if you make it to the end, the obstacles you just destroyed could block all the tiles from the next level.
As I said, it seems like an interesting way to kickstart some creative thinking about a game idea you're toying with.


Lichfield is an arcade game featuring two liches on opposite sides of a field who blast each other with powerful magic spells. Like the rest of the game, players can be on either side of the field, depending on the strength of their magic. The goal in Lichfield is to make as many hits as possible by blowing up as many as possible at every possible spot on the field. One hit equals one point.

This edition of Lichfield uses the original art found in the early days of the game's arcade release. It is also the first edition of the game to feature 3D sound, though for a similar reason it was the first to include a level editor.

Mortal Kombat is considered one of the best fighting games of all time by many because of its unique mechanics, challenging gameplay, and stunning visual quality.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. *

If I hear you, I'm gonna call 'em.

An optional level called Beneath (also seen below) added in patch 1.3
Hmmm... looks like I need to add 3D sound. Then my game can be as good as Mortal Kombat.
That is weird. The second sample I got was disturbingly close to a design document I wrote when I first started working on my game. The third one suggested I add a classic rock soundtrack and the ability to get NPCs drunk so that they'll "teach you swords." I don't know what "teach you swords" means, but it sounds like one of those poorly translated "A winner is you" moments, so I may add it. Somehow. Oh, and it said my game was published by Tecmo for the PS2. So there's that.
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Yeah my attempt was spooky, I entered the idea for an old jam game I was redoing about getting up and going to work, and the AI response went on about what do you do in your free time and stuff like work/life balances and other stuff spookily close to what I had in mind or written down elsewhere.
Pretty interesting.


Stuck A Day In Valhalla into it and feel pretty called out by this line...

" We're aiming to have the combat systems complete sometime in the end of 2014."

In my defense I didn't even start it till the start of 2018...


This is neat and scary at the same time... I have no clue how they can gather 345 millions parameters in one sententence, that's impressive!