iOS Game-crash during test procedure

Hi Folks,

after succeeding with compiling my game for xcode I have a persistent problem during the test phase:

I´m using an iPad Xs (14.4.8) - xcode registered it and installed the test-bundle on it. The game has 12 big levels.
It works fine on Android from start til the end. But on iOS-systems it causes memory-problems. The debugger shows
a high energy cosumption and a rising memory workload with each further level. Then... on level 7...
the background-music interrupts croakingly and the test is stopped.

I already reduced sound-quality, deleted sprites which are not longer used, deleted those I can dispense,
to reduce the size, to reduce the ammount of textures for example. Well, I reduced the texture size within
the GMSs global preferences to 1024 x 1024px. The game runs faster, yes, but despite of this...
the crash-down comes, yet.

Has somebody any idea to get rid of problems like these?
Thank you very much for your help.