GMS 2.3+ Game crash due to error in function

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. I was messing with a function and I accidentally added references to instances which, at the time the function would be run, didn't exist. Instead of giving an error and closing out, the yoyo runner just crashed, no messages, no nothing, and this happened every time I ran it. I've never even had the yoyo runner crash on me up to this point. I of course fixed the function, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar, or can explain why this is happening.


Firehammer Games
That's normal. The compiler can't catch it before running the game because it has no way to know if the instance will exist, especially considering a game is quite variable in its execution, what with bullets being created, enemies being randomly spawned, and all kinds of whatever crap happens. The compiler simply can't know before that what's going to happen, so it allows the valid code to get built in.


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If the game straight up crashes instead of throwing an error message, that's anything but normal and you should file a bug report about it.