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Mac OSX Game compiles then freezes for a few minutes

Short version: I press compile and roughly 20 seconds later the game finishes compiling and launches the game Window. After that, the game freezes for 2 to 3 minutes. The game works fine after the freeze.

Additional Info: This is the Mac version
I have thousands of assets in my game.
This has been happening for 6 months now (makes it very hard to work on the game).
There was a game maker update that removed all working physics in the game - during this time the game compiled fine.
I am using a good amount of physics in the game.

Things I've tried: Duplicating the project.
Removing all Studio 1 to Studio 2 compatibility/conversion functions.
Messing around with a plethora of settings.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Once I can get my hands on a PC and install Studio 2 on it I can isolate whether this is a Mac only issue.

UPDATE: I created a duplicate project and started messing around with it. Deleting a majority of the physics objects from the game fixed the problem. Now I just need some help on how to fix/optimize the physics since I don't think there is a way to reduce the number of objects I have and it's only gonna get worse from here on out.
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few ideas

I have thousands of assets in my game.
any music with option not streaming (means at start of the game GM would try to uncompress all those) IDK, but I think if it's big high quality music could be a problem and you have lot of them could lead to problem.
And I believe the same apply for image (not sure the format but let's assume decompress png), but that should be relatively fast

any loading of external files ?
also any prefetch command (if you are trying to send all your asset to VRAM in a loop while you don't have enough VRAM and also you have thousands of textures could perhaps explain a freez)

most of my freez come in general from a loop I code without thinking too much.

and out of GM, any antivirus system with live protection? (because if your program is big with thousands asset and your live antivirus try to analyze it at loading, that would explain the delay/freez) edit: not sure for this last, would be for YYC single exe game on windows more likely, I doubt it's the same on mac
Thanks for the quick response.

Currently zero sound files in the game.

Currently don't load any external files.

I am checking the loop theory :)

I don't use any antivirus software